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[TH] Self Delete - Allow users to delete their account, giving a reason and allowing them time to change their mind.

This add-on adds an option for users to request to delete their own account.

For added protection, there are several stages to the process, which includes a confirmation overlay, the requirement for a reason to be entered and a check-box to be ticked, the requirement of a link in a confirmation email to be clicked on, and finally a 24 hour window for the user to change their mind.

There is also an admin control panel page for administrators to view all the reasons for people leaving,...
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Thats not cool when banned users delete compromised account and then create new one. It's make useless all plugins for troll or multi account detection. It's better to place self deleted to custom user group.


Is it possible (or is there a version of this add-on) that allows you to attribute the deleted member's posts to a guest account?