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[TH] Old Thread Warning

[TH] Old Thread Warning 1.0.2

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I've never understood what forum users or admins had against old threads. Isn't the idea of a forum to facilitate conversations? Why should it matter if a user adds a reply to a thread that's, say, a year old?


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Is it normal that if I disable this addon the warning remain visible, and that the warning is calculated from the thread's create date and not to the last reply.

Jon W

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You shouldn't see any warning if the add-on is disabled. Sounds like your template cache is not being rebuilt properly. Do you use any special caching on your server?


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I use APC but I reset it and the warning is still there...
EDIT: My fault! I double checked in the Admin Control Panel and the addon was still activate. I was sure I deactivated it, maybe I closed the tab before it was done.

The other problem, as @Xon said, is still there, it doesn't calculate from "last post date".


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Just a question. I've other addons from you installed. Can I replace the old folders with the new ones with the same name? I mean these


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It shows the old thread warning for the locked threads too. IMO, it is unnecessary because it is locked and users can't write anything even if they wanted...
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