[TH] Notices Plus [Deleted]

Thank you for that addon.

The idea to have an overlay and to disturb the user's experience is to make him pay a promotion to be free of this. If i understand it correct, that option:

Overlay may be dismissed

will show an x to close the overlay. If a user will come back at the next day, he will not see that overlay again, but then the trick to make him pay is not used anymore.

I think there should be more options:

1. Overlay may be dismissed
2. Overlay will be back after [ ] minutes
3. Overlay will change to block after dismissing

You may tell us which budget would be needed to add this options, please.
I was looking for a Notices add-on that would allow admin to tie a forum to "notices" (like an announcements forum), so new threads in that forum creates a new notice with predefined settings/variables.
This could be a good addition to this add-on!
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