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[TH] Monetize Lite [Paid] 1.0.13

Responsive, fully-featured advertisement manager

  1. ThemeHouse

    ThemeHouse Well-Known Member

    Audentio Design submitted a new resource:

    [AD] Monetize - Responsive, fully-featured advertisment manager - Manage banners, upload images, Adsense code, weights, mobile-friendly, and more

    Read more about this resource...
  2. Sheldon

    Sheldon Well-Known Member

    Great work guys!

    Looks very good from the read. If I ever create a site using ads, I'm all over it.

    Actually, this will be great for a giveaway!
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  3. melbo

    melbo Well-Known Member

    Does this support CPM ads or are the expirations time based only?
  4. ThemeHouse

    ThemeHouse Well-Known Member

    Currently only time based. We are totally open to diving further into some more advanced features.
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  5. Avensen

    Avensen Member

    Looks promising, subscribed for updates!
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  6. Echelon

    Echelon Active Member

    Substitute/alternative for adserver?
  7. Anthony Parsons

    Anthony Parsons Well-Known Member

    How will this handle caching, especially at the browser? It seems to be one issue others can't correct.
  8. Veer

    Veer Well-Known Member

    Excellent !!!

    Even first release covered almost every needed feature for sites using ads. Great work guys :)

    I look forward for the planned feature Options to allow users to purchase advertisements automatically - prices, packages, and more

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  9. 3rd AnGle

    3rd AnGle Well-Known Member

    everything is excellent except for 'Some XenForo add-on functionality crafted by Audentio Design'! That's a tad bit long.
  10. MattW

    MattW Well-Known Member

    Well if it can assist in making money for your forum with the ads, then it's going to be worth the $50 branding free option.
  11. drastic

    drastic Well-Known Member

    If there's several ads in the same zone/location, can we have it automatically "display ad with the best CTR" so that our best performing ads appear more often (and we make more money)?

    Time expiration ads are good. Can you sell clicks? Say, 1000 unique clicks for $X.XX?

    Will users be able to buy ads with AD credits?

    Can we post an ad after a post (or in the first post), before the first reply?
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  12. ThemeHouse

    ThemeHouse Well-Known Member

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  13. ThemeHouse

    ThemeHouse Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much for all the feedback guys. This is definitely something we plan to build up so I know it doesn't have a huge amount of features, but its supported by a company who isn't going anywhere and we plan to fix every issue we possibly can. Which will likely be all of them. And we'll fix them as fast as we can.

    I would say thats for you to decide. This system is a bit simpler. It doesn't have every single option imaginable, but we want to improve it. We want it to be a useful system. We aren't building things to build them, we're building things that are useful. So we'll take any feedback we can to improve this add-on.

    Are you referring to context sensitive keyword caching?

    Thank you very much :) We plan to have that very same feature in the next release in fact. We start work on it Monday.

    We made it the same length as XenForo's because if its not it will display funny unless you do some weird clearing things (notice how some add-ons have copyrights the jut all the way to the left). We don't want this to be obtrusive so we made it display in a clean, organized way.

    That said, you can always pay for branding removal if you like the product! :) Branding removal is per domain and works towards all our add-ons, not just one.

    Definitely an interesting idea. I like the sound of this, added it to feature request. This would be a global setting, not per advertisement location correct?

    A planned feature! :)

    When we build in the ability to buy ads, I dont see why not. A fantastic idea.

    Currently? Yes :)
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  14. Anthony Parsons

    Anthony Parsons Well-Known Member

    No... image caching at the browser. Other ad managers have issues with multiple image delivery on page load, beating browser caching. Is this an issue with this add-on that others have?

    If you enable browser caching, does the same image load in a placeholder due to caching, or will it rotate on page load correctly?
  15. MattW

    MattW Well-Known Member

    Suggestion: add some sort of limit of pagination on the stats page or view details

    My site isn't busy and only 2 ads so far
  16. sinucello

    sinucello Well-Known Member

    Looks great. Would it be possible to connect a banner to a thread?
    I`d like to create a classifieds section in my forum. When a user adds a premium classified ad, he also gets a banner. When the ad gets deleted, the banner should also be deleted. Would this be possible with this add-on? If not, could you add it as a custom feature and tell me what it would cost?
  17. motowebmaster

    motowebmaster Active Member

    Is there a demo of a site running this? I'd like to see the banner code it displays.
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  18. MattW

    MattW Well-Known Member


    Running two banners currently
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  19. MattW

    MattW Well-Known Member

    another suggestion / feature request. Is it possible to capture the Page / URL from where a click was recorded, and add to the stats in the Advertisement Clicks log?
  20. cdub

    cdub Well-Known Member

    How does this work with adsense? Adsense had a beta direct buy program which was great but they cancelled it.

    I'll buy once there's an easy way for me to run adsense ads but then have the option for someone to buy a certain adspot and once that happens their ad automatically replaces the adsense one and then it reverts back to adsense when their time period (or impressions or clicks) runs out.
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