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Hi there

I just installed this addon and I think it's a "to-be-officially" feature :)
But, question : how to declare several "master" forum and configure them instead of "just one" ?
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Not sure if it's a bug (using Xenforo 1.4), but I face the problem that ONLY the threads from the subforums are shown in the thread list of the master forum, not the master forum threads themselves. This is weird, as the buttons to create new threads in the master forum are still there. Solving it by using a category as master forum is not possible in the add-on.


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@Jon W A quick question.

I'm using this (have been for over a year now) and love the way it works. There is one issue I'd like to see if I can resolve.

I'm using some code to mark which forums have new posts in my forum index. But, when it comes to the node for the Masters Forums, it doesn't show up. The node title always remains faded as if there is no new content as well.

I'm wondering what's the easiest way around this. Is it a matter of creating a new style specifically for that node and then putting the code to show the "New Posts" icon in the Extra.CSS?

Any suggestions or am I SOL?