Testing Logo


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So in making my test site an exact duplicate of my live one, I noticed that at times I'd still get confused as to which was which. Like I'd do something on one thinking it was the other.

To make life a little easier on myself I decided to maybe "Stamp" my logo with a testing notice. But when I Google searched these I was shocked to find that most Testing type stamps are being sold by Stockimages and other various sources.

So instead I decided to just make one myself. It's not great or superb or anything, but it'll do.

I figured I might as well offer it here to anyone else that might need or want it. It was made using GIMP with text and the good old fashioned eraser tool. If you need it for whatever reason, it's attached below, use it, redistribute it, clam credit for it, I don't care. Hope it helps.

Here's some examples of what you can use it for: