Test version?


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I apologize if a similar thread has already been made on this subject--I haven't been keeping up too well over here, haha.

Anyway, I was hoping to be able to get XF for the forum I administrate, but don't own, but the owner doesn't want to switch from vB yet. I kind of want to get a copy just to play with (to attempt to make skins and/or modifications), but I can't find a reason for me to have a forum of my own. Are there/will there be any "test" versions of XenForo that I could just use to play with things without actually purchasing a forum?

Thanks in advance. :)

p.s. (probably a silly question) I'm also confused about "server requirements." For example, I used to have a forum on ZetaBoards and didn't need any special hardware. Is the same true for XF, or do I need fancy server knowledge and whatnot? :p


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You could always buy a license tomorrow, have a play with it and if after a few months the forum owner doesn't want to switch and you get bored of playing you'll be able to sell it on - probably for the $100 you originally paid.


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Thanks for all of your (quick!) responses. I'll give it a little more thought, but I think I may purchase a license tomorrow. :) Thanks again!