XF 2.2 Test site to new test site before going live


I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz at the end of her journey asking the wizard if there is anything in that magic bag of solutions for me.

So, my old live site is a big site and vB forum.

We migrated early last month to a new test site: xenforo.mydomain.com

I've been working through all the kinks, my learning curve, add-ons, styles, etc.

Now we are going to create a NEW empty install of XF at newxenforo.mydomain.com.

We'll re-import/migrate the live vB forum into this one and redo the configuration.

I'll close the forum while this is going on.

Then, I need to FLIP the newxenforo.mydomain.com back to the live site of mydomain.com.

LICENSING is the issue on the new install at newxenforo.mydomain.com. Can't get anywhere. Ruh roh. ???


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Why is licensing the issue?

Test and development installations are permitted and you can update the licensed URL at any time.


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You can ignore that message if it is for a test or development installation or a temporary installation related to a migration.

It does not affect the installation.