test forum in sub domain problem


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Hello all,

I have done a copy of my live sites files and set them up in a sub domain on a different server.

Changed dns of subdomain to point to new server.

I then dumped a copy of database on live site, imported it to a new database on new server.

Changed config.php on test server.

The problem is everytime I try to access the test forums on test.mydomain.com/community it loads my live site at mydomain.com/community

I have even tried to delete the .htacces file on test server and it still diverts to live site.

What am I doing wrong?


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I was able to get into the new test site from admin.php and removed the board url

I disabled the use Full Friendly URLs option in admin cp and all works fine

I then turn the Full Friendly URLs back on and it diverts again to live site.

Any ideas?