Test drive my theme

Can somebody test drive my theme i created. Though most of the design are completed, i am sure i would have missed something, If fellow designers test it in their forum and give me feedback it will be helpful to do the rest.

And if it is worth to sell, I can sell it too.

Let me know i will pm the style files.



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How do you expect anyone to test drive a theme without a link? We certainly can't test drive it from the image alone.

Ahhh, you want a PM for it... I see now. I kept looking for the link itself. LOL
Little to much red/pink for my liking and wouldn't work on any of the topics of my forums (especially don't think it would fit on one with Demons in the name ;) ).
Yes the theme will not fit for somebody's taste. I wish someone to test fully on their localhost and give me a feedback.