[Test] anyone ipv6 ready?...


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...if yes please can 3-4 people visit: http://cool.broker.freenet6.net
and post a screenshot of what you see.
the site is one of my ipv6 test-sites on a home-server and is just a static html site.

i´m on the way to prepare my home and dedi-servers for ipv6. for now and testing just thru tunnels at home. the dedi-servers have allready ipv6.


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thanks all, i face a problem with my thomson tg787 wich has own firmware from telia(sweden) so i can´t adjust some settings. i´m waiting now for a test m/r from zyxel.

Luke F

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Neither my ISP nor colocation provider have any plans to implement IPv6 soon, but it's really of no concern to me at the moment