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Terrified... Go easy!

Alright, guys... I'm getting ready to open my site (which is more or less focused on the forum). I spent literally more than a decade away from any kind of web design, and while I created some pretty slick-looking Dragonball Z websites back in junior high (in my mind, anyway, haha), those skills seem to have gone the way of the dinosaur...

I am utterly impressed with everything about Xenforo, especially the community. Some of you may have noticed my incessant questions over the last few weeks, and there will undoubtedly be more, but I am absolutely overwhelmed with the amount of support this community offers, and I wouldn't have been able to get this far without it. So, thank you all, and I'm glad to consider myself a Xenforo customer, and look forward to being a member of this fantastic community for the foreseeable future! :)

My website will available at VibinHigher.com, but it's not public yet. The blog can be found at http://blog.vibinhigher.com/ and the forum at http://forum.vibinhigher.com/.
I've posted an article in a few of the forums so that it's not completely empty when I launch, getting ready to do that in day or so! :)


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I like the layout/design. My only thought/constructive criticism is that "vibin' higher" alone does not tell me what the site is about. I am sure if I took the time to read posts, etc., I might catch on to the topic. But, I wonder if you might miss some of your "target audience" by not having some sort of explanation in the header of what the subject matter of your site is (same for main url as for the forums).
Thanks, Jad, I was actually a little worried about that myself... It all came together pretty organically, including the name. I was sort of counting on my social media presence to get it started.