Lack of interest Temporary trophies (loose trophy if criteria is no longer met)

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I would like to have trophies that can be lost when the criteria are no longer met.

For example: its currently possible to create a trophy for a like to post ratio. When a members like to post ratio falls down, then the trophy makes much less sense.

It would make sense to set have a setting to let the member loose the trophy if the conditions for the trophy is no longer met.

This is especially useful if you use trophies together with automatic promotions.
I would like to define trophies for all promotion criteria. So if a user has gathered all trophies related to a certain usergroup promotion, then the promotion is certain to take place.
If one of the criteria is no longer met, then this should be clear to the user. The user should not longer have the trophy and should be aware that this is a criteria that the member still needs to meet.
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