MG 1.1 Templates missing a more proper name


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The following templates are created by MG when installed:
  1. inline_mod_controls_album
  2. inline_mod_controls_comment
  3. inline_mod_controls_media
  4. inline_mod_controls_media_search
I believe they are missing the identification that they come from MG, something like this:
  1. inline_mod_controls_xengallery_album
  2. inline_mod_controls_xengallery_comment
  3. inline_mod_controls_xengallery_media
  4. inline_mod_controls_xengallery_media_search
  1. xengallery_inline_mod_controls_album
  2. xengallery_inline_mod_controls_comment
  3. xengallery_inline_mod_controls_media
  4. xengallery_inline_mod_controls_media_search
At least #2 should have the identification (because album, media and media search are probably not going to conflict with other add-ons). However #2 does:


Chris D

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In retrospect, these could have been named better but it looks like it is being changed in the other add on so we will leave things as they are for now.