XF 1.5 templates keep reverting


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I have a strange problem that I encountered with 1.5b4. I'm about to upgrade to the latest version which was just released, which is release candidate 1. when I make changes to templates somehow the changes revert back to an earlier time. And this has happened on a number of occasions. I wonder if this may have something to do with having multiple windows open, auto refresh, etc. this has happened now 3 times and I don't think it is auto refresh. I have been saving my work regularly so I am suming I am not losing anything for some templates reverting by themselves. :) has anyone else experienced this ghost in the machine?

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Yeah, it's very easily done, unfortunately.

For any changes you have lost, you should be able to restore them by looking at the pre-edit versions of the template history (if available).


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Thanks guys - I think I figured what happened - I just bought a new iPad 2 Mini cellular on a great sale to test @Russ insanely great work. After taking what seemed an eternity to download iTunes (for the 100th time), I had to reboot and it auto-closed Chrome and auto-opened upon boot up. Chrome may have refreshed/saved the open windows and saving old versions of the templates. Fortunately it was just 2-3 templates that reverted and nothing I can't fix in 4 minutes time. I was just trying to figure out what could have possibly done this, twice...
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