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I was wondering how do you guys manage templates, its a pain having to save the template/s every time I make changes, as it used to be with vb...though Andreas addon helped!

I can see XenForo has something built-in to help with the issue unless I've missed something?

If you set this config

$config['development']['directory'] = 'development';
$config['development']['default_addon'] = 'XenForo';
and under the root directory have the following

Now every time you edit a master phrase/template or style property group it writes it to file and from looking at the code I can see it can also be imported back to database but not sure how, I think maybe its been removed because its beta.

Would love to have this available during add-on development.


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Yes, the "development directory" is specifically for us, as it is focused on the "XenForo" add-on. It's also not for live editing; it's mostly to ease collaboration and source control issues.

That said, the "default add-on" entry is useful for developers, as it controls the (default) value that will appear when creating new templates, phrases, etc.

WebDAV is what we would recommend for end users.