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It looks like what's happening is similar to this Bug Arty reported a few years back:

I made a slight edit on a 2.0.1 install in page_container, exported and imported into 2.0.6. I know I should update the template obviously but in some instances, no changes are required, we use to be able to hit SAVE AND EXIT to clear the outdated template(update the version) but now it no longer works:
@Chris D I feel like this bug is still happening, sorry for bumping this one, wasn't sure if I should report it as a new bug.

Running 2.0.10

Easy to replicate: have a default style + child style.
Edit the child style first, add "custom code":

Go to parent, add the custom code text:

It comes up outdated obviously, but you can't clear it by saving and exiting like you use to be able too (at least that's how I thought it would function). You have to make some sort of change inside the template so that it will actually save when a change isn't always required.

Thank you for reporting this issue. The issue is now resolved and we are aiming to include that in a future XF release (2.0.12).

Change log:
When saving style templates through the admin UI, force version/last_edit_date to be updated like XF 1.x
Any changes made as a result of this issue being resolved may not be rolled out here until later.
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