Template variable docs?


I've been exploring a XenForo demo and I can't see where in the docs I can find info for all the variables used in the templates. I've come up with the following to go into post_macros but it was a long haul guessing variable names and searching through templates for similar things:

<xf:extension name="info_content">
<xf:if is="$post.isFirstPost() AND $thread.Forum.Node.node_id==4">
"some info stuff that goes after the first post's content in thread {$thread.thread_id} in node {$thread.Forum.Node.node_id}"
Where should I have looked to find out about the options available on $post, $thread etc?

Support of that level is not provided in the pre-sales forum.

Once you purchase a license though, you can post in the customer forums for assistance.

If you explain what it is you are trying to do at a high level, we can confirm whether it's possible.
OK, that's fine. I'm not after any particular technical solution. I'm sure the things I want to do are possible, as they are in vBulletin. I just want to know whether, once I've bought a license, that more documentation is available than I can view without a license. I found it rather a headache figuring out the details of the $thread variable for example, and couldn't seem to do anything equivalent to "print_r($thread)" in PHP to see what was available at that point. With a license I'll be able to look at the source code etc as well, I guess, though I'd rather have decent docs!

It looks like this might be what I'm after: https://xenforo.com/community/resou...ositions-navigation-entries-and-widgets.8041/

It is definitely possible to print out the vars available to a template and utilise them for customisation.

The guide you linked to explains how to do that in detail.

For example:

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