XF 1.5 Template modifications

I'm sure this has been asked a million times but the only answers I can find are from old versions (<1.3) that don't match current (1.5) controls.

I'm having a devil of time getting template modifications to show up. I suspect I need to rebuild the cache but I don't see a specific rebuild option for that. How do I rebuild the template cache? Thanks!


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Are these template modifications your own or part of an add-on?

You shouldn't need to rebuild anything to get template modifications to show.

What do you see in the list with regards to this:
Mods I am making to the template. Right now it says 2/0/0

Edit: check that. I made changes to the member_card in the template list (Flat Awesome template). When I look under template modifications the member_card I see is for XMG.

The ones I see on the modifications list have been made by adds-on, I believe.
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If it shows as 2/0/0 then it is being applied.

It's not really clear whether you are editing the template directly or creating a template modification.


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It's possible then that any edits you are making are being overridden by the template modifications applied by add-ons.
You can test that by temporarily disabling them.
I am so stumped.

I am making changes to the member_card at {domain}/admin.php?templates/member_card.559/edit&style_id=3

I have made the changes and checked "Prevent template modifications from being automatically applied", then clicked Save all changes.

I can see the changes in View Custom Changes and View History.

I turned off XMG which indicates it has modified the member_card template.

I have clicked into Modified Templates, opened both entries under XMG for member_card and unchecked "Automatically apply template modification", then saved. Both entries are lined out on the list.

When I go back and look at Template Modifications for member_card, the Template Contents do not contain the changes I made manually to the templates.

The changes do appear in the table xf_template -> template. They also appear to be in xf_template -> template_parsed

Anywhere else I should check?