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Category: Forum and Thread View

Before you start I would to like to add all CSS Additions to EXTRA.css

The 2 most used templates for these modifications will be forum_view and thread_view.

This modification gives your Sticky Threads a different background than the other threads in the thread list.

It replaces the content of all posts with a message saying "Login or Register to view this post".

In the post list, if a user that posted a message in that topic is online, it will say "Online" next to his name.

This modification adds an animated image next to the title of a thread in forum_view.

This modification adds a bar between your Sticky Threads and your Normal Threads.

Want snow above your avatar and ice under your avatar? This is your addon.

If you attach a .mp3 file, people will be able to play it in their browser.

If you click twice on a post, you can edit it.

Adds a little "Ban User" and "Edit User" message under the Avatar.

Very nice addon, personal favorite. It just replaces the "Like" and "Reply" buttons in a button.

Adds a nice little "New Thread" button in the Thread View.

Adds a nice little "New Reply" button in the Thread View.

If you want to have a "Watch Thread" button in Quick Reply, use this modification.

Guests can only see the first post, they'll have to register to see the rest.

Hide BBCode, code, HTML and PHP for Guests.

If you don't want to use Images, but CSS Thingees to show if you forum has new posts or not, use this modification.

If you got special rules for a forum, it can be useful to use this addon since it specifies the rules for a specific forum.

If you want (like in vBulletin) the Forum Node Icons to have "Mark Forum as Read" links, than try this.

If you want to completely disable color formatting due to Chrome problems, I suggest you use this modifiction.

A nicer Sub-Forum Listing
Category: Header, Navigation Bar and Footer

This Removes the "Home -> Forums" bar at the bottom and top of your index page.

E.g. on XenForo.com, remove the "XenForo Community" on the Index Page.

This thread explains how to add the snow used on this forum.

If you have Extra Forum Links, and don't want the ugly underline, than use this modification.

If you want a countdown to Christmas, Newyear or any other holiday or event, use this modification.

"How to add advertisements to your site?"

This thread explains you how to add a New Tab in the Navbar.

If you don't want to show the breadcrumb in the announcement forum or so, you can use this modification.

If you want your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, ... to show in the Navbar, this modification is perfect for you.

If you want one of your Navigation Tabs to be more noticeable, use this modificaiton.

This modification lets the Moderator Bar move when you scroll. It's not at the top of the page, it's at the top of the screen.

This modification adds a Clock to the Footer.

This modification makes sure that people can't use their right mouse button on your forum.

If you click a link that leads to the same forum, it will now open in a new tab.

I got tired of having to check "Stay Logged In" every time, so I made it by default.

This adds a nice little Partner Block under your forum list.

If you need scrolling ads at your home page, use this :)
Category: Sidebar

Before you start I suggest that you add every CSS addition to the template called EXTRA.css

Everything you want to add before the forum statistics you'll need to add/edit in the template called sidebar_online_users.
Everything you want to add after the forum statistics you need to add/edit in the template calledforum_list AFTER the following line:
<!-- end block: forum_stats -->

If you want to remove the visitor panel at the forum home, you can it by changing the following code in the template called forum_list.
<xen:container var="$noVisitorPanel">1</xen:container>

This is actually a remake of the "Online Users" sidebar panel, it just has some extra features.
To install it, simply replace all the code in sidebar_online_users with the one provided in the topic of the modification.

As the title says, it adds an RSS Feed block in the sidebar which you can specify.
Check the topic for installation instructions because that's a very good tutorial on how to install it.

If you want little icons before your header titles there, you can use this modification to do this.
Personally I reject this add-on because it's extra loading time. It's nice already without icons.

In sidebar_online_users, remove the code provided in the topic.

This adds a Twitter Block to the Sidebar. Simply follow the rules in the topic.

Want to add something simple? Follow that topic.
Don't forget to submit your code if you're done so we can all enjoy it!

If you got 10 staff members online at once, your sidebar will be huge! This modification will only show the avatars of the staff members so it will only be 3 lines instead of 10.

If you don't want 2 different blocks for Staff and Members, this brings them together.

If you want to link some sites, you can do it with this modification.

Adds "Date and Time" in "Forum Statistics" after the "Latest Member" line.
Category: Profiles and Member Cards

Add an "Edit User" link on a Member Card. Only visible for Administrators and Moderators.

Add a "Ban User" link on a Member Card. Only visible for Administrators and Moderators.

Add an "Edit User" link to the Profile. Only visible for Administrators and Moderators.

Add an "Ban User" link to the Profile. Only visible for Administrators and Moderators.

A message that says "It's not because this person is staff that you should spam his profile with Support Questions" will show up if a user is an Administrator or Moderator.

This adds a Quick-Search link to search all the posts and threads made by a member on his Member Card.

This adds a Quick-Search link to search all the posts and threads made by a member on his profile.
Thanks for putting this together. Very handy since sometimes the search is less than useful in zeroing in on exactly the right topic.
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