Template Error



Since i moved my testboard to 1.1b1 i'm getting this error on forum_view
(Maybe it was already there and i haven't seen this)

Template Errors: forum_view

    Argument 1 passed to XenForo_Template_Helper_Core::helperImplode() must be an array, null given in C:\xampp\htdocs\xenforo\library\XenForo\Template\Helper\Core.php, line 1089:

    1088: }
    1089: $__compilerVar26 .= '
    1090: ';

    implode() [<a href='function.implode'>function.implode</a>]: Invalid arguments passed in C:\xampp\htdocs\xenforo\library\XenForo\Template\Helper\Core.php, line 1091:

    1090: ';
    1091: if ($inlineModOptions['move'])
    1092: {
I'm having ~ 900 Add-ons so it's IMPOSSIBLE to toogle all the statuses to check from what add-on it's coming.

BUT if i deactivate the event listener system, the error disappears.
Is there any trick, how i could get more debug data to find the problem?:D


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Ignore the template code snippet - it's not applicable if the error isn't in the template itself.

However, you can use the line of the error to find where it's happening and probably do a debug_print_backtrace() call. That should make it a bit clearer.