XF 1.2 Template editor in Firefox, tab indents disappear


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While making template edits in Firefox v23, some of the lines of my template that are indented with tabs will occasionally jump back to the left border of the editor.

The tabs are actually still intact. If I click to another editor file and back, the display is corrected. Also, if I edit the line, the tabs reappear.

Is this a browser bug, or a problem with the template editor?

P.S. I know there was another thread where this was discussed, and I think someone even posted a video of it happening. But despite 10 minutes of searching, I couldn't find it.


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I don't edit templates in Xenforo. Instead I prefer to copy the template and paste it into Dreamweaver where I make the edits. Once the edit is done I copy/paste back into Xenforo.


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It is indeed a browser bug. It looks like a redraw bug so not a lot we can easily do about it unfortunately