Template edit on signup page?


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Can someone help me as to which template or phrases to mod to edit the signup page? I'm thinking that a nice warning to spammers may help me a bit......
D'ont laugh too loud. We have not had a successful spammer get through and actually accomplish anything in a decade.....so maybe telling them that will make some move on!

Anyway, the page in question is pictured in this image....
Screen Shot 2012-08-02 at 9.24.34 AM.png


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Thanks, Jake....I'll report back as to the results! I got a bit angry this morning when I had to go through 10 out of 11 new registrations and decline them.


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Well, if a couple days means anything, the warning I placed cut way down on the amount of human spammers attempting to register. Instead of 5-8 new ones each morning, now I have 1 or 2.

I guess even they don't like the extra work of having to register for nothing......and/or get a new email address after being reported to blacklists, SFS, etc.

My warning is worded like this:

"Attention - Spammers, SEO backlinkers, etc - please note that in the past 10 years we have never had a successful spammer on our boards. We carefully check new registrations and posts and report backlinkers and spammers to blacklists and other spam finders. In short, you'd be better off not registering if you are not a honest-to-goodness hearth forum participant!"

mike os

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thanks jake.... especially nice to know you therefore cannot totally balls up with the revert function :)...because it is likely i will, several times before i get it right:ROFLMAO: