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[Telegram] Notifications 2.0.0 RC 4

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This is permission.
You can globally disable all notifications in Options, and you can control, who is users can receive Telegram notifications.
Check your user group permissions.

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Great..this addon works! Why not enable all notification types at first place whenever account successfully associated? I think it be more proper as a default setting. How can i do this?
Well, you can force-enable for all notifications in Telegram with one query:
  smodders_tgnotifications_optout = alert_optout
I think that's only reflected to existing members only, not future members. Could you enable it in the script at first place?
I'll think about it.
Maybe i will clone default alert settings when any user is creates.
Hello there! :)

Wonderful shot Kruzya!
Any chance to point me to some instructions on how to configure upon installation? Can't figure it out, I'm pretty new here 😇
I've installed Notification as well, but beside enabling it, don't understand what to do next...

Alright Mate!

Got it up and running after searching and reading around!! (y)

Is there any chance I can translate notifications sent by the bot into my own language? :)
Even the auth message from Telegram was in English... Is that possible at all?
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