TecnoGaming Forums (Spanish)

Well guys, i just finished my two custom styles for the forum, I started in xenforo 20 days ago and i am already delighted with it's features.
Since i came from working with websites and do custom css styling, i did all my styling with the extra.css sheet.


Be sure to check out the two main styles: hardware (default) and gaming (alternate) the two should mimic our websites. we used the custom widget framework and extra.css styling, nothing more.


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That's excellent, well done. Very clean, slick and professional. There are some really good looking XenForo sites coming through now.
Thank you very much ! considering it is my first css forum styling with xenforo i feel really pleased with it, thank again !

Sadik B

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Pretty slick... However I am not a big fan of text-shadow. But I suppose many people do like it.
Yes, i know, I am developing the welcome portal which will redirect users to games.tecnogaming.com and hardware.tecnogaming.com since portal is not yet developed I left it that way on purpose.