Tech help required setting up/customising installation


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Hi all. Currently we have our members using MVCForum. Probably only 150 active posters (approx 2,000 inactive ones) and approx 2,500 posts on database. Many members cite the poor platform as a reason for lack of engagement. In theory if all our members end up on board, we'd have 30-35,000.

Looking around for a more robust replacement and narrowed down to this forum and Simplemachines. We have no PHP developer skills in house so would need to have paid support/dev time to amend the authentication system to take a cookie from our main website where our members log in. It won't be an acceptable solution to expect them to have to log in separately each time they visit the forum.

We'd also like to have the existing users transferred over and the sections/topics/posts if possible. We have full access to the SQL database so would be able to help prepare the transfer if it's viable to do.

Is this level of help/support available with this software please? If so, how can I get in touch with someone to discuss approximate pricing so I can get approval from the finance director please?

Brad Padgett

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I recommend @Claudio for imports. He is a professional and imported my site years ago without any issue. He should be able to handle the job quite fine at a reasonable price


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Slavik won't recommend himself as he's staff, so I will. He's your man for imports, so send him a message.

That man could probably import facebook to myspace if he had to.