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TeamSpeak Server


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I'm currently using the mod from vB for TeamSpeak. It's really nice in what it does, allows people to set their UID on the forums and then changes their teamspeak access based on their usergroup settings. Pretty sweet really and I'd love to see someone make this for xF!

Ryan Kent

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Kind of like the ventrillo plugin/add-on but I use teamspeak for my community.

It's very easy to do.

Go to http://www.instantteamspeak.com/teamspeak-server-status.php

Decide if you are using "Team Speak" or "Team Speak 2" and choose the appropriate monitoring tool. Choose your style preferences, then copy the code box from that site. Replace the existing line of code which begins <span id="instantventrilo"> with the line of code you copied.

That's it. You can replace the "Ventrilo" header with "Team Speak" and you are all set.