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Targeting Certain CSS Classes

Eric J.

Well-known member
<div class="section sectionMain recentNews" id="273">

<div class="primaryContent ">
<div class="subHeading">
<div style="float: right; white-space: nowrap;">
<a href="index.php?threads/head-count.273/"><span class="DateTime" title="Mar 1, 2012 at 4:21 AM">Mar 1, 2012</span></a>

(<a href="index.php?threads/head-count.273/edit" class="OverlayTrigger">Edit</a>)


<a href="index.php?threads/head-count.273/" class="newsTitle">Head Count</a>

<div class="newsDate secondaryContent">

In a CSS file, how would I target "section sectionMain recentNews" and style it? I tried

.section sectionMain recentNews {}

but it didn't work.