XF 2.2 'Target File Already Exists' when trying to transfer 'upload' folder to FileZilla new directory.



So I am trying to follow these instructions

So, I got to the part where I created a new directory under public_html, named it 'New Directory', and went to xenforo's 'upload' folder, and dragged them into the new directory.

As they are going there, I get a notification that 'Target File Already Exists'.... and it gives me two files that have identical sizes but different names. It then gives me a range of options which include renaming it, overwriting it, resume, skip, ect.

I hit 'cancel', because Im an idiot and I figured it would allow me to start over, but instead it keeps going.... and another one pops up with the same message, and since I did it on the first one I do it again and hit 'cancel', and again it proceeds to transfer files. This happens three times in the process.

Anyone know why this happens, know what option I should choose when they pop up, and happen to know if I made a huge error by hitting cancel?

Am I able to 'try again'?

Any help would be greatly, greatly, appreciated.

Thank you.


If you want the forum to be at the domain root - e.g. site.com, then typically the files are uploaded to the public_html directory.

Your host will be able to advise what the actual domain root directory is.
OK thanks Brogan.

Is it advisable that maybe I delete the files, and retransfer them to public directory, just to see if thats it?