XF 1.5 Tapatalk error messages

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Hi Guys,

I've been searching for this issue and i cant find a fix.
I have updated Xenforo and Tapatalk to the latest versions and I'm still getting

Not installed or incorrectly installed.


It appears you have disabled Tapatalk access from your forum AdminCP. Please review your Tapatalk Settings in your forum to make sure access is open.

So my question is A, where do I check to see if its installed properly because I've been through my FTP and over the Admin for Xenforo and everything is fine. I've also been and checked through all the folders on the FTP to make sure everything is there, which it is.

B, Where else do I need to go to find out if Tapatalk is disabled so I can enable it?


If you need me to upload anything just ask.

Not open for further replies.