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TaigaChat Pro TAG - TaigaChat Pro TAG by GobelinLand.FR | GamerOrigin.EU

Hey it's my first addon

Before :
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After :
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Upload the content of the upload folder from the product zip archive to your forum directory. When uploading, pay attention to the actions to take in case of files conflict, ie. select merge for folders and overwrite for files.

Once the files are uploaded, go to your admincp and click on the Install Add-on link of the Installed Add-ons block from the Home tab as depicted below....
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This could be a fantastic add-on, but it seems to be lacking a couple of things:

-French is the only language present
-There don't appear to be options or permissions anywhere to alter who can utilize those new features (or I'm overlooking them, very possible).
-It's not evident what templates these are stored in, making it difficult tracking down what to look for to edit things.

If they are present, they are not easily located.

This can be a fairly useful addition, however! Hopefully you can make it just a touch more user friendly?