Add-on A panel for the TaigaChat Pro 1.2.0


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Hello :)
I would a panel for the TaigaChat Pro 1.2.0 !
In this admin control panel there would be : A list of banned users from the shoutbox + a function to unban users ( a button next to the pseudos).
As well as a function to speak with a specific member.
Example : In the options of the Admin Control Panel (XenForo) there would be a textbox to enter the ID of the user you want to speak ! If I enter the ID : 1 (super admin) and the membre with the ID 1 is : Admin
When I am in the Control Panel for the shoutbox, the shoutbox appear and when I send a message, the message sent with the member : Admin (so ID 1)

And It would be cool if you can add a permission to access to the Panel (shoutbox) and the url : or a URL in this kind.

And This Panel will be just for me ! So an exclusivity for me :)
I pay !
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