Taiga Chat sub navigaiton modification

I have added a sub menu named 'comments of the day' through template modification in dark_taigachat_links(template) , because taiga chat is adding a menu through listener mentioned below.

But when I click comments of the day it deactivate the shoutbox menu , it changes the route from ?taigachat to ?likechat/commentoftheday, and on that page "shoutbox"(main menu) got deactivated and active state of shoutbox menu changes to null.

I want to activate Shoutbox (menu) after clicking its sub menu"comment of the day".

public static function listen(array &$extraTabs, $selectedTabId)

$options = XenForo_Application::get('options');

$visitor = XenForo_Visitor::getInstance();

if($options->dark_taigachat_navtab && $visitor->hasPermission("dark_taigachat", "view")){

$extraTabs['heartchat'] = array(

'title' => new Xenforo_Phrase("comments_of_the_day"),
'href' => XenForo_Link::convertUriToAbsoluteUri(XenForo_Link::buildPublicLink("heartchat/commentsoftheday"), true),
'selected' => ($selectedTabId == 'heartchat'),
'linksTemplate' => 'dark_taigachat_links',
'taigachat' => array(
"route" => $options->dark_taigachat_route,
"popupenabled" => $options->dark_taigachat_popupenabled,

State Before

After clicking Comments of the Day