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I was debating whether to post this in the small features or the bigger features section, but I guess I'll let you guys decide for yourself. As of now, Xenforo alerts you if someone quotes you, that's great but why don't we take it a step further?
Most of you have used Facebook, most of you are familiar with what typing the '@' symbol does right? Well, why not introduce that into Xenforo as well? This way we get alerts for quotes and for people including us in a thread or reply. Essentially tagging people in posts.
Here's an example scenario, as a site Administrator I find it happens all the time.
Members are posting questions in a thread you recently posted in and are asking you a new question or something. What if they didn't wanna quote you as their question didn't pertain to what you said? Or how about someone is making a new thread and they would like a specific person to be said in the thread.
On bigger forums this might prove to be annoying, but I think this would be great on medium to small sized forums. What do you guys think?

---- Xenforo wouldn't have to use the same thing Facebook does, maybe there could be a bbcode type system involved. I would expect Xenforo to make it more modern and have a search bar appear to aid in finding the person wanted.


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No worries, I only knew of them as it was posted about again last week.
I will though merge both of those and post on the new thread to let everyone know, which will also have the effect of pushing it to the top so any new arrivals will see it.


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this tag thing is a good one, this promotes more interaction to the forum
as person tagged will be informed thus he will post back = more interactions