Tag instead of categories

I am looking for a forum software for my company project. I've heard and used XenForo alot. Our project requires something different and I am sure if XenForo is capable of, or there is any available mod that can do this:
- Basicaly we want to get rid of the categories (I know it is the core of the system, we don't expect it to disappear, but from the user point of view, there will be no more categories) and use a tagging system to organize topics. There will be a multi-level tree of predefined tags, and users can follows certain tags and will only see topics that are tagged with what they follow. It is something like how Quora works at the moment. Each topic will selected to be in one of more tags, and will be visible to all those who follows those tags.
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I am not aware of an add-on which will specifically do that.

You can search the resources here though: Resources

It's definitely not possible out of the box.
I'm looking for the tag system too. Not to replace the category, but use it in complementary. I found an add-on but the feedback is not very good. Do you have plan for it, I think it should be part of the core system. Tag is used everywhere these days and it make categorizing much more flexible.