Tachy goes to Coventry option - but I use it for another purpose

Hi! Long time vB'er here - I have a large board, that deals with women's medical health issues.

We use the Tachy goes to Coventry feature in a slightly different way, ppl at vb.org helped me make a template edit so that people could choose to 'hide' all their posts at once if they wanted to. My members use this if someone in their family or friends finds the board, and they want to instantly 'hide' all their posts from view (but not mass delete, because they don't want them gone, they just want some emergency privacy), or when ppl get mad and argue with someone and want to leave the board, we give them the option of just putting all their posts on 'hide', and leaving for a while. Then after they cool off, they come back, and are normally very grateful that their posts are not all deleted.

So basically it was a way for users to put themselves into Tachy goes to Coventry, and take themselves back out when they want. Would that be something we could do with Xenforo?


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There is no equivalent function in XenForo.
I'm not aware of an add-on which would do that either.