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Maybe simple question but still can't find them. Where I can do:
  • Change the Tab order (Navigation)
  • Where are I can Add/Edit/Delete widgets (sidebar)?
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..hmm........ Thank you both of you for your prompt attention to help me but now I'm more confused.
To use a live example. Do you mean that in my site https://www.paradoxbb.com/forums/
  1. Can't change the tab order eg to move Products before Projects without the use on a 3nd party plugin.
  2. I can't Edit the widget "Share this page" to use my own, or even Delete the current one and add one like vBulletin does.

Chris D

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Correct. Those features will exist in XF2.0.

Dadparvar mentioned two popular, tried and tested add ons though that should work in the meantime.

Although to be fair you can probably quite easily just update the Share this page block by editing the template.

Also it may be possible to change the navigation order by adjusting the "Execution order" of the navigation code events listeners.

Specifically for the Products tab to could try the folllowing:

1) Enable Debug mode
2) Go to Admin CP > Development > Code Event Listeners
3) Find Xen Product Manager and below that find navigation_tabs and click it
4) Change the execution order and save

If Projects and Products are in the same position then it should change the order. If it doesn't I'll happily provide more advice on changing the tab position in XPM. Just post in the relevant thread here or at my site.
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Thank you @Chris D . You kept me on xenForo :) ...... I don't mean something bad, I'm sure that xF is a superior script but working since Apr 2002 with vBulletin (there was a free lite version at that time), it's so difficult for me to work with anything new. But this time and after 4 days going from here to there, I started being familiar with xF. The only problem that left is to understand that some features (like those above) still does not exist (normal as xF is much newer in market), so instead to waste hours to try to find them in the admincp, first I'll search around to see if they exist or not.

Chris D

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There are three possible positions, each position maintains its own execution order. Home. Middle. End.

Generally most add-ons will use the Middle position. Forums is a default tab, and that is also in the Middle, but because it is default, it will likely always appear first in that position.

The solution is to make any tabs you want to appear before Forums to be in the "home" position.

Generally speaking, changing the position would have to be done in code itself. For example, in most add-on files you will find a file called Listener.php and a function within that which defines the navigation tab. That configuration should have a "position" value. Just change that to "home" and it should have the desired effect.

Roll on XF2 :) All the navigation is defined in the Admin CP and changes like this are easy to make.


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Speechlesso_O Replied in 5 minutes (2 minuters to write the msg) !!
"Roll on" has the meaning of "Wait for", right? As I know it hasn't released yet.
But upgrade can take more time. I'm sure that you've already ready upgrade for Product Manager, but I also use some other, important to operate my site, plugins. So I must wait all to be upgraded.

I'm greatful for your support.

Chris D

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Yeah I know. It was just to highlight that things are certainly going to be better in XF2 so definitely something to look forward to.