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Sypex Dumper, Backup and restore your database

Sypex Dumper, Backup and restore your database

Robert F Schmitz

Well-known member
@Allan , I´ve switched PHP versions from 5.x to 7.x and had to notice, that the sypex integration isn´t working anymore. It still runs automaticly through the saved job, but the UI in the admin panel is gone:

Any chance to get this fixed?
This is the same thing that one gets when using their web browser interface. Just noticed it as I upgraded the xampp install to handle xF2.


Active member
Since the OP doesn´t seem to be the author of the addon and for hat reason can´t be helpful with issues, everyone please contact sypex directly and request an update of the integration addon. The addon is coded by sypex themselves. I´ve already done this a few times in the past, but I guess they don´t react to one request only. May be they change their minds if we all drop them a note through their contact form: http://sypex.net/en/contacts/ .