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Sypex Dumper, Backup and restore your database

Sypex Dumper, Backup and restore your database


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hi when i will import the database i become this error

MySQL Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near \'\' at line 1 (/www/htdocs/w01263e7/ligev.de/hosting/sxd/index.php:1594)
i install it but i get this

i do not know what i am doing wrong

Edit: Forgot to unzip sypex dumber 2.0.9 XD now it working XD
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Thanks for that add-on. I'm a newbie with Xenforo but I'd like to start with confidence, knowing how to do aDB backup.

I did this (read comments)

  • nzip "SypexDumper_209.zip" folder and upload "sxd" folder in "forum" folder. OK. I used file manager and uploaded the zip file and unzipped once. all went fine.
  • Chmod "backup" folder in 777. OK.
  • Chmod "cfc.php" and "ses.php" files in 666. OK.
  • Unzip "sxd2_for_xf.zip" file and copy "auth_xf.php" file in "forum/sxd/". Same as before: uploaded the ZIP file and unzipped then.
  • Open "sxd/cfg.php" file and find auth' => 'mysql cfg', and replace this line with 'auth' => 'xf mysql cfg',. I used the file editor of my host's CP.
  • Copy "SypexDumper" folder in "forum/library/" folder. Copied.
  • Go to AdminCP and install "addon_SypexDumper.xml" Copied.
Now I get this error: "Invalid class: SypexDumper_Route_PrefixAdmin_Index" when trying to install.
Any help, please?
Thanks in advance.


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@Allan , I´ve switched PHP versions from 5.x to 7.x and had to notice, that the sypex integration isn´t working anymore. It still runs automaticly through the saved job, but the UI in the admin panel is gone:

Any chance to get this fixed?