XF 2.1 Syntax Error


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I'm having issues seeing the problem. I'm getting a syntax error around the line <xf:eek:ption value="2"> but I'm not seeing it maybe someone else can take a look and they'll see it.

<xf:title>{{ phrase('bc_admin_edit') }} {$bookmakers.name}</xf:title>

<xf:pageaction if="$bookmakers.isUpdate()">
    <xf:button href="{{ link('bc-bookmakers/delete', $bookmakers) }}" icon="delete" overlay="true" />

<xf:form action="{{ link('bc-bookmakers/save', $bookmakers) }}" ajax="true" class="block">
    <div class="block-container">
        <div class="block-body">
            <xf:selectrow name="country" value="{$bookmakers.country}" label="{{ phrase(bc_admin_country') }}">
                <xf:option value="-">
                    {{ phrase('bc_admin_space') }}
                <xf:option value="BE">
                    {{ phrase('bc_admin_belgium') }}
                <xf:option value="FR">
                    {{ phrase('bc_admin_france') }}
                <xf:option value="Other">
                    {{ phrase('bc_admin_other') }}
            <xf:editrow name="name" value="{$bookmakers.name}" previewable="0" label="{{ phrase('bc_admin_name') }}" />
            <xf:uploadrow name="logo" label="{{ phrase('image') }}" multiple="false" accept=".gif,.jpeg,.jpg,.jpe,.png" />
            <xf:formrow label="{{ phrase('bc_admin_logo') }}"><img src="styles/Tipsters/bookmakers/{$bookmakers.logo}" width="100%" alt="{$bookmakers.name}" /></xf:formrow>
            <xf:editrow name="url" value="{$bookmakers.url}" previewable="0" label="{{ phrase('bc_admin_url') }}" />
            <xf:editrow name="bonus_offer" value="{$bookmakers.bonus_offer}" previewable="0" label="{{ phrase('bc_admin_bonus_offer') }}" />
            <xf:editrow name="bonus_code" value="{$bookmakers.bonus_code}" previewable="0" label="{{ phrase('bc_admin_bonus_code') }}" />
            <xf:editrow name="review" value="{$bookmakers.review}" previewable="0" label="{{ phrase('bc_admin_review') }}" />
            <xf:uploadrow name="banner" label="{{ phrase('image') }}" multiple="false" accept=".gif,.jpeg,.jpg,.jpe,.png" />
            <xf:editrow name="banner_url" value="{$bookmakers.banner_url}" previewable="0" label="{{ phrase('bc_admin_banner_url') }}" />
            <xf:selectrow name="banner_type" value="{$bookmakers.banner_type}" label="{{ phrase('bc_admin_banner_type') }}" hint="{{ phrase('bc_admin_place_code') }}">
                <xf:option value="0">
                    {{ phrase('bc_admin_choose_type') }}
                <xf:option value="1">
                    {{ phrase('bc_admin_sidebar') }}
                <xf:option value="2">
                    {{ phrase('bc_admin_full') }}
        <xf:submitrow icon="save" sticky="true" />


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Maybe this line,
<xf:formrow label="{{ phrase('bc_admin_logo') }}"><img src="styles/Tipsters/bookmakers/{$bookmakers.logo}" width="100%" alt="{$bookmakers.name}" /></xf:formrow> it has a self closer and a closing tag.

Liam W

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You're missing the opening quote in the phrase function for the first selectrow.

Also, I think you want editorrow rather than editrow - editrow doesn't exist.



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editrow gives just a one line edit row. I'm going to add the editorrow once it all works. Thanks for pointing out the editorrow though.

Thanks @Liam W for finding that issue.