Duplicate Sync two Xenforo 2 sites?


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Hi Guys!
Is there a way so that I could sync the users (username and passworld) and sign -in between two XenForo 2 sites?
So the the users dont have to re-register?

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Where? Can you link it?

Also does that mean it's a function that doesnt work at all with Xenforo 2?

I have two major groups ( at companies: the customers and the producters) and I want to make them a forum,
2 sites one for each.... and I want the producters to have a different forum with the same login, a forum that only they can use.
Same cathegories but only for them for the specialty.
But if they needed they would use the customer's forum too to help out..

Does that mean it doesnt managable with XenForo 2?

Thanks in advance!