Lack of interest sync thread when new post system.

I am not really sure what it is called but.

In many other sites when you just posted, and some other person post just after you.
Today, i have to press reload page (f5) to see if there is a new post.
On many other sites and message systems, there is no need to keep reloading page.
Many sites/systems either says, "hey there are new post just now" or auto sync so, user dont have to press F5 to see if there is or is not any new post and the very thread you are ingaging in.
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If someone posts in the thread as you are writing a post, you already get a message (just above the text editor) telling you that there's been a new post.

Ernest L. Defoe

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It's a valid suggestion but it would be heck on a server with alot of traffic. Having live threads adds to server load and those on shared hosting might be told to look for hosting elsewhere. That is the only problem I see with having live threads as a core feature. It would honestly hurt those on cheap/budget hosting.

Ernest L. Defoe

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I agree, though to play devil's advocate, it could be an option in the ACP and disabled by default.
I agree but I still don't agree it should be a core feature as I honestly don't think many people would use it. I could be wrong but I really don't think they would. I would rather the devs spend their time on core features that benefit a bigger majority. Of course this is just my opinion.