XF 1.2 Swype kb issues?


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I have a user reporting that Swype doesn't work. I don't have a device to test this on, and he hasn't given me many details other than it doesn't work to post.

Has anyone else noticed this before? Any insight on how to vet if it's his phone or my board causing the problem?

I am using a responsive design theme from pixelexit, but the reply box is unchanged from stock (mostly just color changes)


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I use Swype all the time, on many different xF powered forums... I have never ran into an issue. I am using an S3, with stock browser.


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It could be that they're hitting the slow typing on Android issue.

If you copy the redactor,js file from this site, and upload it to your's, does their issue go away?

redactor.js: http://xenforo.com/community/js/redactor/redactor.js

Upload it to js/redactor,js

There does seem to be a few differences near the bottom. i'll try to grab that file. it's not letting me save it raw here at work (security crap) so i'll try this later