Not planned Switch Between Follow System and Friends System


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I think it would be a great if XenForo had an option to switch between the current follow/followers system and a whole new friend system. The reason being is that the current system may work fine for more social type sites but many forum users may find the whole follow system confusing and thats one of the reasons I think this should be implemented. We currently have XenForo on one of our active forums and a lot of people are getting confused and/or dislike the follow system.

Also, members do not like how they have little control over who follows them, there is no approval or acceptance like how it would be with a friendship system and unfortunately if this cannot be done then we will have to change software because our members needs have to come first, I hope that you guys do this or something like this.

Thank you.


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Following someone does not give the person who is following any additional access to the person they are following.
All it does is update their news feed with that person's actions.
Any forum member can see exactly the same content even without following the person just by looking at the general news feed.

The privacy options are geared towards people you personally follow, not who follows you.

If anyone is concerned about their content being accessible, all they have to do is set it to "People You Follow Only".


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Our site is not a social network site and following someone, there is no reason for it pretty much as youve explained and the members dont like it. The lack of a friendship system in XenForo is something I can see many not being too happy about, maybe not admins of the sites but the members.

All I am asking is perhaps make a system which allows admins to choose whether to use a friendship based system with requests and approvals or the follow system as it would be better for those who dont wish to have the follow system as it isnt suited for a lot of forums and I can imagine this being one reason as to why someone might not buy or continue using the software.

My girlfriend bought it for her pregnancy and parenting site but she realised that it just isnt suitable for it and a lot of people on her site are used to friends requests coming from vbulletin based sites. The following etc they are used to that on Twitter. I know that were only two customers but from our point of view, if we cant have a friendship based system then we will have to go back to vbulletin.

It may be simple to ourselves but to members we feel it seems out of place to them and it feels too much like a social networking site when we are not one regardless of the progression/modernism associated with sites that have follow features etc

We love the like feature and the other social features but the following is just a bit OTT for the community.