Duplicate Swapping Places of "Post New Thread" and "Mark this forum read"

I guess Post New Thread button displayed next to the breadcrumb should be placed at the place of "Mark this forum read" link. That way the top part of the topic list will be the same with the bottom part and most importantly, many people are used to click where "Mark this forum read" link is placed in order to post a new thread. It's annoying to mark all topics read while you're trying to post a new thread. Habits are bad...

Also, moving "Mark this forum read" link next to the breadcrumb would be better as those two are more suitable than the breadcrumb and Post New Thread button couple.


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Honestly, I didn't even remember where the Post New Thread button was, but I would have to agree, same with "Watch Thread" and reply to thread.


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I agree, the "Post New Thread" and "Reply to Thread" buttons are a little too high for my liking, although that's just habit. :)


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Oh you're right, I completely missed that. I saw "New Thread" and "Mark Read" and assumed it was the same thing...My brain glanced it over quickly

Sorry :oops: