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Looking to start using SVN, can anyone suggest a good SVN software to use? I intend to install on my site and use it with the other developer to get products developed without overwriting our own changes.

Also, I'm going to start using CDN, any suggestions? I'm thinking of using RackSpace, they have cheap CDN hosting.


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CDN is a way to house images, scripts, etc and display them on my site without using bandwidth of my own hosting to do the displaying.

SVN is a means to share development duties across a network of developers with access.


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CDN = Content Display Network. As Steve said, it hosts static content on a neutral server / site to reduce bandwidth and allow caching.

SVN = Subversion, which is a version control system. You commit changes and it records them.

Banana Pup

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I use Rackspace cloud files for my CDN and run my own SVN on my dedicated server. Simple to do.. just apt-get install subversion or yum install subversion, type svn when it's done and follow the instructions on getting started.