Lack of interest Suppress Alerts when the action occurs in private

Harpers Tate

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There is a post or thread made by an ordinary member. This item is located in a private forum (eg a Moderators' Private area) that is not on public view.

It doesn't matter how it got there; it may have been moved out of sight, for example.

that any further actions taken on such a post or thread AFTER it was placed in a Private area - edited, moved, etc., - NEVER triggers an alert to the ordinary member - unless in so doing it goes public again.
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X is a staff member, he made a introduction thread in staff area forum. After few months he resigned. Y likes X's introduction post in the introduction thread. X gets an alert where X can't access the staff area forum.


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In my testing, while that produces a ghost alert [1], it doesn't actually show the alert details and the alert disappears on hover.

However, that's not something which can be easily prevented as the like handler doesn't have the concept of permissions.

Other than the ghost alert notification, which provides no indication as to what the alert is for, is the actual alert content being shown?

Harpers Tate

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Thread originated by user is in a Private forum.
Thread is moved by a Moderator to another Private forum.
The "notify......" checkbox is (inadvertently) left checked.

Originator gets an alert that the thread was moved.


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That particular case is definitely intentional. It's similar in concept to deleting a thread; you can't see the result but the alert is important. In the case of moving, presuming they could see where the thread was originally, the notice would still be important to tell the user why the thread has disappeared.

Harpers Tate

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They could not see the thread at the time of the move I am referring to. It was in a Private place. It was moved to another Private place.