XF 1.5 Super Moderators now showing up in super mod list in admin cp

Hi there, I'm doing configurations testing for our test xf setup. Thanks to Slavik we've gotten a successful import of our database and I'm configuring moderator permissions and noticed something weird - only a few of our super moderators are listed as such in the moderators list in the admin cp.

It doesn't seem to matter if a user's primary group is Registered, Moderator, or Super Moderator - only 4 are displayed. Any idea what may be causing this?


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Being a moderator is an independent state from being a member of particular user groups. They need to be explicitly added as moderators through the system.

This is most likely a vestige of the import, as we try to map different concepts to XenForo's systems.
Ok. That said, I have these guys set to be registered users (primary) + moderators + super mods (secondary) and some are showing up & some are not.
Maybe I'm not making myself clear. When I go to the admin control panel, and select Users -> Moderators, it displays all the Super Moderators, but only 4 of the 12 we have. It then lists content moderators underneath, and the forums they moderate.


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As Mike also said, that could be a vestige of the import.

It's not clear what you are trying to achieve but if they should all be global moderators, delete them as node specific moderators and recreate them as global moderators.
It may indeed be a vestige of the import, I just thought this was curious behavior since you'd think that all Super Moderators would show up in their list.