Lack of interest Suggestions for Notices


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I have 2 simple suggestions for notices...

1. It appears there is an option to only show the notice for Tablet or Mobile, but there isn't one to just show a notice to Desktop users. There are times I want to send one message to a desktop / laptop users, and a different message to mobile users. (usually due to space limitations) So I would suggest adding a third option for Desktop so that a notice can be shown to any combination of the three.

2. There are currently various date options. It would be nice to have a recurring option. Meaning, show the notice once a month on x day of the month, or every xx days.

I would think these are both easy to implement, and both have their value to the core product.


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I know you are asking for this as core, but in the meantime the second suggestion can be achieved using Chris D's Xen Notices add-on.


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We use Notices fairly often. It's a good feature, but fairly skeletal in terms of functionality, IMO.

It would be nice if Notices had the option to have a photo the length of the notice - above the text of the notice - or even the ability to add GIFs.

Another option that would be useful would be to add the "Interact" feature to Notices that already exists for the New Profile Posts sidebar.