Lack of interest [Suggestion] User Generated Customised Style


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Wouldn't it be cool if users could set some colours themselves to change their style for the entire forum? As in they can make their own kind of style based on the colours they select, and it follows all the templates set by admin etc.

Just thought it'd be cool, thoughts? :p


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I myself wouldn't use a feature like this, simply because once I put a lot of hard work into someone I don't want a user to easily go in there and dishonor the design by adding a pink background to the post bit haha. However... I know user profiles folks like to customize those to an extent.

Not for me but i could see folks using this possibly:



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I can imagine many people wouldn't like giving the option to users but I for one would :D Users always complain about colours etc, DIY folks


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Surely this would have to be stored using cookies, in which case users would have to redo it every time they logged in, otherwise, wouldn't it become a bit of a database issue, I don't know much about databases so it might not be an issue, I just wondered is all.

Great idea though, usergroup permissions would be essential for it though, a bit of a treat for loyal members and such. :)


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well, it could be set up so that only the top x number of themes dictated by use count would be shown in the selecter (to vet out unused themes). all the others would be selectable from the creators profile page.

better yet, a 'user submitted theme' is actually their profile customisations/profile styling used as a theme :)
so the top X profiles have their style made available as a theme from the theme thingo.
id like that.
its also a great way to encourage people that are good at styling.

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I really like the color stuff that Kier has shown in the "have you seen" forum. Using a limited version of that would make it easy for members to change the forum's colors to their liking.
Something that always bothers me is when I go to a forum and they have a black or very dark background with white or another bright color text. Having that option would help me in cases like that.

Also, it would give the user the chance to make themselves more comfortable.

But yeah, I agree this is more a modification rather than a feature.